Team: J. Mitenbergs, K. Priede, P. Spuriņš, M. Kulitāne, U. Tučs, K. Galenieks.

Location: Riga, Kronvalda bulvaris 2

Status: Competition | winning proposal

Year: 2019

Site area:  4409.2 m²

Building area (of the new extension): 3250.0 m²

Floor area (of the new extension, including basement): 7339.9 m²

Comment by the jury expert: «Really calm and neutral solution that is professionally made. It lets the historical building shine and becomes a modest background for it. Lower volume next to the street front makes a nice combination with the huge old trees that are surrounding the building on both sides. There is a chance that these trees might actually survive the building in this case. The upper volume of the building is divided into separate parts which makes the building optically smaller. The design also comprises and hides the previous extension and visually makes its into a one consistent building.» /Ralf Lõoke, Salto architects/

Site plan

Floor plans

Axonometric sections

Built with Berta.me