Four storey housing complex next to lake Baltezers with underground parking, recreational SPA zone for the residents and a restaurant. 

Team: J. Mitenbergs, P. Spuriņš, U. Tučs, G. Priede.

Location: Baltezers, Ciekurkrasti 66

Status: Completed

Floor area: 11360 m2

Site area: 13100 m2

Year: 2006 - 2014

Photo: Ē. Božis, A. Starks; video: Ē. Božis.

Housing complex "Ciekurkrasti" consists of three joined volumes, stretching towards the lake. This configuration provides every apartment with a view to the water. The landscape design does not end on the coast - it stretchesinto the lake, providing every resident a spot for their boat. For the well-being of the inhabitants, on the first floor of the building holds a swimming pool, a gym and a restaurant with outdoor terrace.

The ground floor of the building holds an undergroundparking and storage spaces. The first floor is designed with several gaps between the volumes, making passages from the courtyard towards the coast. With every floor, the volumes become smaller, making terraces for every apartment in the building. The roof, however, holds one large terrace, available for all the residents of the building.

Facade material choice, rhythm and vertical direction were inspired by the local pine tree woods with surround this housing complex.

The building's stairwells expose the bearing structure material - concrete, however, railings continue the irregular rhythm of the facades.


Built with Berta.me